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My Sister Laurel was rushed to our ER today and is in ICU Isolation with Pneumonia or suspected possible Coronavirus infection. 

Her current status is:  Her breathing requires ventilator assistance, multiple antibiotics, an anti-fungal, 

IV fluids with electrolyte replacement and some epinephrine.   

 Her vitals are as follows: 

BP 111/64 

O2 Saturation 94% 

Heart Rate 80 

 This was at 11:30 this morning.” 


Post -  1st Distant Advanced Pranic Healing Treatment for PNEUMONIA Report: 

“I received the 2nd Covid 19 test result today which came back negative and my sister was moved from a Covid 19 ICU isolation room to a regular ICU bedroom.  Today, they had to medically induce a coma to be able to deliver the very invasive Bronthoscope treatment to clear the debris in her lungs. She remains critical as she is requiring far above minimal delivery of oxygen to her lungs.  Some changes today in her metabolic status: (glucose) level, electrolyte and fluid balance, kidney function and liver function began showing ‘mild improvement’.  They have taken a fungus viral panel to rule out a fungal type of pneumonia.  

Last night her vitals remained stable with external supports.”  


Post -  2nd Distant Advanced Pranic Healing Treatment for PNEUMONIA Report: 

“Good morning Dennis,  


I spoke with the Dr. this morning while he was in ICU.  They are beginning to reduce the meds used for yesterday’s medically induced coma and conclude that part of the treatments.  


The report today is considerably BETTER than yesterday: 

The level of O2 they are giving her on the ventilator went from 80% - 50%! (‘normally we breathe on our own at 21%’) 

Her chest x-ray came back much Clearer today than yesterday. 

The sputum samples they took via the Bioscopy procedure yesterday are being analyzed and staph is suspect but they are continuing to treat her with 3 different antibiotics. 

Her kidney functions were low and now today they are Perfectly Normal!!”  



Post -  3rd Distant Advanced Pranic Healing Treatment for PNEUMONIA Report: 

“I just spoke to the ICU nurse and the bacteria that they discovered was Legionella associated with Legionnaires disease.  Now that they have a specific bacteria to treat they have just now been able to discontinue two of three antibiotics they were treating her with and are just administering only the antibiotic specific to her diagnosis.  

Her Vitals continue to stabilize.   

Her Physicians and support staff say they are increasingly optimistic seeing such rapid progress. 

Thank you for delivering the 3 Distant PH Tx.     

Gratefully,  Christine.W. (patient's Sister) Paso Robles, CA”





3 Distant Pranic Psychotherapy Tx’s for ‘STRESS’ and ‘GRIEF’  


“Following the first pranic psychotherapy Tx for ‘STRESS’ and ‘GRIEF’ related to the passing away of a loved one last week, I felt the burden of emotional stress, heartache and  my level of grieving had lifted by almost 75% - 80%.   The feeling of the deeply congested heavy energy in solar plexus has begun to decrease.  I also felt waves of calm begin to take the place of my previous stress level.  The quality of the calming effects was very similar to that which I experience after doing my regular, daily  meditations.   

 The night of the first PH Tx I was able to resume nearly normal sleep.”  



Post – 2nd Pranic Psychotherapy Tx for ‘GRIEF’  


“I experience much less heartache following each pranic psychotherapy Tx for ‘Grief’.  

The feeling of deeply congested heavy energy in solar plexus has continued to lighten. My ability to even give thoughts to something as simple and ‘normal’ as eating to stay strong has begun to return.  

I feel like both my emotional balance and attitude have improved by at least 80% following the two pranic psychotherapy Tx for Grief.”  



Post – 3rd Pranic Psychotherapy Tx for ‘GRIEF’  


“I haven’t felt anything I would exactly describe as Grief after the First Tx. 

The grief pain in the solar plexus that was a strong presence during the previous week when I had to make the serious decisions organizing cremation, etc. has not reoccurred and I feel like I am returning to my normal balance and positive attitude.  I look forward to another pranic healing Tx and continuing the big progress that I am experiencing.”  


Rose S.   Medical Technologist, Grand Junction, CO 


“I learned about Dennis and his approach to massage and treating the whole body and postural issues along with specific areas of pain, through my sister. She had been helped greatly and kept urging me to call and make an appointment. I finally stopped procrastinating and made the time and am so happy that I did. In the past I have done Swedish and deep tissue massage on a semi regular basis along with Chiropractic visits. Both were helpful in relieving pain and achieving relaxation for a short time but I still had a lot of pain issues. I have had a lower back injury at a young age and also have osteoarthritis in areas of my body with knee problems that resulted in 2 surgeries and feet issues that required 3 surgeries , so I experience pain in both knees and swelling in the left, which doesn’t allow me to straighten it out and I have pain and numbness in both feet.

I appreciated the time that Dennis took to find out about and discuss my injuries and pain issues. I found the first session to be very relaxing and was surprised that it was pain free. I work in a dental office in the reception area and also have a lot of stress and tightness with my neck, shoulders and upper back. After the session when he had me stand, I could feel that I was standing up straight without even thinking about it. I hadn’t really expected to notice much with my feet or knees, but to my surprise I could straighten out my left knee a lot more and had no pain in either knee or my feet. When I took a walk around the block, as recommended by Dennis, to keep the muscles and posture from returning to the prior memory, I can only describe it as having a “spring in my step”. It has been years since I have walked normally with ease and it felt great. I also noticed that I didn’t have pain in my knees when walking up and down the stairs of the apartment that I live in, which I do numerous times a day. I have since had a second session and the results last a good amount of time. I look forward to being able to have monthly sessions to maintain the positive results that I have gotten from seeing Dennis and I highly recommend him to anyone wanting to like me is “sick and tired, of felling sick and tired.”  

— Diana H., dental office scheduler


“As a teacher, I carry quite a bit of stress. I have also sustained a few minor back injuries, and I used to suffer from constant headaches. I look forward to my regular sessions with Dennis each month. My headaches are near non-existent, my stress level is manageable, and I am able to focus on my family, my students, and my community commitments.” 

— Lori R., 5th Grade Teacher


Dennis takes over where traditional massage and physical therapy treatments leave off. I have increased range of motion in my shoulders, thanks to Dennis’s help, that I didn’t achieve through traditional medical methods.” 

— Shannon B, Garden Designer


“I work at a computer all day and notice that my shoulders “hunch” forward as a result as well as chronic pain in my neck and shoulders.  After just a couple of sessions with Dennis I noticed my posture straightening out and the ever-present pain in my shoulder gone completely.  Sessions with Dennis melt away the stress held in my body from my work week and leave me feeling centered and refreshed for days!”

–  Reine M., Marketing Director


“After my fourth vision to Dennis, I felt the first relief from six years of sciatic pain. I now have remarkably increased flexibility and freedom of movement”

–Karen B., Medical Technologist.


“I came to Dennis with chronic and acute restriction in both rotator cuffs. In 4 sessions I’ve gone from approx. 60% to over 99% improvement in ROM in both shoulders. Because his work is so gentle, I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending his work to any new client.”

– Betsey V., Registered Nurse


“I had a mini-stroke 11 years ago which left me with a very slow gait and high blood pressure.  Now, the day following my first treatment, my blood pressure has dropped 20 points to 112/71.  My pelvis is also balanced, my walking is more normal and my weight is equally distributed on my feet.”

–Lauren M., Retired


“I highly recommend Massage Therapist, Dennis Specht. He has significantly helped my pain related to TMJ problems through his use of innovative ‘Myofascial Release’ techniques. Not only do these techniques help with pain, they actually re-train your jaw muscles to function normally. The end result is a cure for TMJ without expensive and painful surgery!” 

— Rose O, Grad Student


“Last year, when Dennis Specht was in my area of Oregon, I received my first bodywork treatment from him. At that time I was using 2 arm-crutches. However, following my first session with him I was able to walk without any crutches at all! I felt so good that it was like walking on air! That feeling lasted for months. This year the diminished cartilage behind my kneecaps has gotten even worse. After my second session with Dennis in October, I could once more walk without crutches. I have more balance and a great deal less pain.”

— Sharon Jakeways Treasurer Oregon Massage Therapy Association


“After a clavicle separation and serious damage to my pectoral attachment 2 ½ months ago, I went for a myofascial release session and I am now experiencing nearly 100% range of motion with only minor discomfort, compared to where I was before the session. For example, I am now able to take my T-shirt off over my head without pain.”

— Andy B., Medical ExerciseSpecialist


“I do construction work full time and I think I’ve had more chronic back pain than most 26 year olds. I had no back pain this week, following my first bodywork session with Dennis. I am looking forward to my next appointment today to create even more flexibility and improvement.” 

Nolan, Contractor


“As a Carpal Tunnel Syndrome sufferer, I came to Dennis Specht, LMT, in hopes of finding relief with the pain, ache and numbness I was experiencing in my hands. Much to my surprise and amazement he helped me immensely. I find that I am able to do more with my hands… not to mention how relaxing it is to receive an hour massage.” 

— Sharyn G, Secretary/Bookkeeper


“Doing repetitive work running a press, I find that my shoulders and lower back have had a constant ache. Since Dennis has begun working me over I now enjoy a much more comfortable existence. Range of motion in my shoulders and arms has improved quite a bit as well. Dennis always keeps me involved with the process by asking how a certain technique, he uses, works for me and he also helps me find ways to relax, something I’ve had difficulties with in the past.” 

— Pat A, Printer


“I was hurt in a bicycling wreck on May 24th, and for a week I endured painful spasms and very restricted movement

in my left shoulder. Dennis was able torestore over 90% of normal movement and dramatically reduce the

discomfort I had after the very first visit. I was pleasantly suprised by similar success on my follow up visit and would highly recommend his treatment to anyone.” 

— Dale W, Analyst


“I would like to share an experience I had at the Newberg Old Fashioned Festival this year. I was at Memorial Park and Dennis Specht, a local massage therapist, was offering free chair massages. I have never had a professional massage before and wanted to see what it was like. So I took him up on it. What an experience! By the time he was done giving me a

15-minute massage I felt so relaxed in body and mind. It was wonderful In fact when I went by Dennis’ booth about 20 minutes later, I told him I might be back for another massage. Dennis asked me what was wrong? I explained to him that after my massage I felt so good that I went to my car to go home. But I kept feeling like I was forgetting something. It finally hit me when I drove past the carnival: I had totally forgot my daughter and her three cousins that I was suppose to take home with me. Since then I have had a one-hour massage session with Dennis Specht at his studio. I hope to continue using massage to relieve stress from juggling a job and a family. With just the one session it has given me a sense of well being and has helped me deal with stress better.”

— Testimonial published in the Newberg Graphic Viewpoint, August 24, 2002, written by Jane C


“I had been living with lack of mobility and discomfort in my shoulder for several months prior to making an appointment with Dennis. After just a few sessions, my pain was gone and I had full range of motion in my shoulder. The knowledge and ability that Dennis has is outstanding. Thanks Dennis!” 

— Linda M


“My experience with your work was very profound. In only 3 sessions you have significantly changed structural damage that had been locked in for several years from a couple of serious falls and a neck injury. The freedom with which my body moves now and my ability to stand up straight without a hump in my back is profoundly different after only three sessions. I’m extremely pleased and would highly recommend you to everyone for bodywork.” 

— An-Ra-Nae, Master Formulator of Essential Oils


I came to Dennis with a sinus infection plus a serious head cold and cough that had kept me in bed for a couple of days. After receiving one Pranic Healing treatment I was able to go downhill skiing all day the following day. I was relieved of the disorienting sinus pressure that had been with me for about one and a half weeks previously and my breathing was very close to normal while skiing. — Laurel B., Graphic Designer


Recently, I went to my doctor and she was alarmed following the evaluation of my pulse, because there was

a difference in rate and strength from the right side to the left. My doctor wanted to send me to

Medford for further tests. A few hours later, I received one Pranic Healing treatment for stress relief from Dennis.

I returned to my doctor the following week and requested that she re-test my pulse. My doctor was very surprised to discover that my pulse was balanced and back to normal. 

— Jolyan P., Artist


“I have worked with seniors in health care for 15 years using touch and gentle massage to promote general good health and a sense of well being. This gives me the experience to know that as a licensed massage therapist Dennis Specht has the ability to understand an individual’s physical concerns and limitations. Dennis gives a great massage by using gentle touch and humor to address an individual’s physical concerns and limitations. Did I already say this? Dennis Specht gives a GREAT massage.- and that is ageless!” 

— Marilyn M, Residential Health Care Administrator


“I work in an industrial setting and suffer periodic back spasms and pain. Since starting bi-weekly Myofascial Release massage both the severity and duration of the problem has improved I have found Dennis Specht to be a courteous professional who is well versed in his trade.”

 — Donovan W, Pipefitter


“During sessions with Dennis I am able to experience deep processing and inner healing, in addition to receiving intelligent, nurturing bodywork. To me, this is a tribute to the safety and sacredness I sense in his presence.”

— Vrinda, Yoga Instructor and Certified Hakomi Therapist“


“One week after cutting off the end of my finger with a gas powered hedge clipper, I came to Dennis

for a Pranic Healing session. Within minutes my breathing became easier and more relaxed. The pain

in my finger decreased noticeably and I was much calmer overall.

— Sandra S., Realtor


“I started massage/accupressure therapy sessions with Dennis after a nasty horse-related accident that left me with a bad shoulder/neck/head and more lower back pain and stiffness than usual. I had initially gone to my MD after the accident and the strong painkillers that were prescribed didn’t touch the headache I had that was a constant day and night for weeks. Dennis’ treatments have worked like magic on my head, neck, shoulders and back. I have been going weeks now with no headaches and no painkillers, and my back is much better. Treatment by Dennis has been very therapeutic. He is a real professional!” — Caroline R


One week after cutting off the end of my finger with a gas-powered hedge clipper, I came to Dennis for a Pranic Healing session. Within minutes, my breathing became easier and more relaxed. The pain in my finger decreased

noticeably and I was much calmer overall. 

— Sandra S., Realtor


Pranic Healing was done on both my teenage daughter and myself for the swelling on our feet. Mine foot was bruised and filled with fluid on my right outside ankle area. My first Pranic Healing treatment on Tuesday reduced the swelling and pain by 50% within 24 hours. I had a second treatment on Thursday, which reduced the remaining discomfort and swelling over 90% within the next 3 days. In my daughter’s case, we suspected that the hard swelling on the top of her foot was caused by a cyst or an insect bite, although there was no pain or visible external evidence of bite marks. Following one Pranic Healing session my daughter’s swelling was reduced by more than 50%, in less than 90 minutes. — Linda S., Homemaker


I have had a significant ‘knot’ on my upper calf muscle since last summer. Following one Pranic Healing treatment with Dennis last week the ‘knot’ is now barely noticeable. 

— Kaia W., Nanny


I’ve had a shoulder injury and after a Pranic Healing treatment with Dennis the level of discomfort was reduced but not completely resolved. I felt lighter and more relaxed following the treatment.

 — Karen B., Medical Technologist


Pranic Healing was done on both my teenage daughter and myself for the swelling on our feet. Mine was bruised and filled with fluid on my right outside ankle area. My first Pranic Healing treatment on Tuesday reduced the swelling and pain by 50% within 24 hours. I had a second treatment on Thursday, which reduced the remaining discomfort and swelling over 90% within the next 3 days. In my daughter’s case, we suspected that the hard swelling on the top of her foot was caused by a cyst or an insect bite, although there was no pain or visible external evidence of bite marks. Following one Pranic Healing session my daughter’s swelling was reduced by more than 50%, in less than 90 minutes. 

— Linda S., Homemaker