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Dennis recently made local presentations on the Wilderness designation for the Coastal Plain of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

As a volunteer for the Alaska Wilderness League he screened a documentary film on that issue at 3 Jackson County Libraries and was also a Guest Lecturer for 3 Freshman Critical Thinking and Writing Classes at SOU.

Read a letter of thanks from SOU here.

Read a letter of thanks from Alaska Wilderness League here.


“Thank you on behalf of the board of directors at the Returning Veterans Project, for being a volunteer practitioner for our nonprofit the past three years, offering pro bono treatment to Iraq and Afghanistan War Veterans and their family members in your community. Your volunteer massage therapy treatment services and strong advocacy for the health and welfare of veterans is greatly appreciated. We are proud to count you among the 150 licensed practitioners now in our volunteer services network.”
– Belle Landau, Executive Director for Returning Veterans Project



“Dennis has provided free bodywork sessions to my younger brother Patrick who suffers from a rare and terminal illness called AdrenoLeukoDystrophy. Due to the phyical and mental deteroriation the disease inflicts on the body, my brother was in dire need of treatments for both his fatigued body and mind. Dennis has truly become an angel to our family by providing bodywork, encouraging his network to donate to the Foundation and offering compassion and kindness in our time of need.” – Laurel Briggs



During 2007 and 2008 A Balanced Body contributed $10 from massage appointments to the Ashland Emergency Food Bank and accepted donations of food on their behalf. Established in 1972, AEFB operates entirely with volunteers and receives no government or United Way support. Food is collected in area churches, civic organizations and business’ such as A Balanced Body and is brought to the Ashland storage center where it is then provided to families in crisis, the homeless and the elderly. Cash donations are used to purchase perishables and pay for rental space. AEFB’s goal is to see that no one goes hungry and everyone is treated with dignity. AEFB serves the communities of Ashland and Talent.

Click here to read a letter thanking Dennis for his efforts.


Dennis organized colleagues in five Oregon counties to donate 85 massage sessions to North West Medical Teams members returning from tsunami-damaged areas.

Click here to see the recommendation letter.
Click here to see the article in Touchstone, the professional journal of the Oregon Massage Therapists Association.


Dennis recently made a substantial donation to support the valuable work being done by this Oregon Non-Profit organization, The Sidney Center.



“We would like to thank you for your participation in our “Project Helping Hands” LMT volunteer orientation. With the help of our wonderful volunteers, we are able to help improve the lives of those with MS. We would like to inform  you that you have passed the screening and we would love to include you in our program. As soon as we have a client in Newberg, Ashland or Medford we will contact you.
Thanks again for your participation and we look forward to working with you.

Candyce Hayes, Executive Director

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