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"I had excruciating shoulder pain and did a session of the Himalayan Healing Bowls with Dennis Specht. The Healing Bowls created a primal river of sound that made my muscles relax and let go of the tension. After the session my pain was gone and I had full range of motion in my arms. I'm so relieved to be out of pain and feel like a young person again."

Lisa S., Publisher, November 2019


“Today was my second session with the Bowls. I’m really not sure how to explain the feelings that I’ve experienced. The subtle cues and quality of relaxation seem to be deeper and differ with each appointment. As far as the chronic cough goes, it helped to alleviate the symptoms almost immediately especially when the Bowl was placed directly on my chest. It seemed to loosen up anything that was clogging my alveola. It also caused my fingertips to tingle and the blood seemed to be rushing into them causing a warming sensation and a very pleasant heat to pulse from my finger tips. Then the Bowls seemed to push me into a complete meditative state where I seemed to see the face of Jesus and Buddha alternating... was really very calming and peaceful, with no thoughts other than recognizing the images I was seeing.”

Ben R., Custom Woodworker October, 2019


“I am feeling that the tension reducing effects of Himalayan Healing Bowls during my therapeutic massage sessions with Dennis are carrying over creating noticeable positive changes in other areas of my demanding work-life and generally lowering my stress overall.”

Karen M., ICU Nurse September, 2019


"A few minutes into the Himalayan Bowls session, I realized I was not thinking of ​anything​. My mind is always racing, so it's wonderful to deeply relax."

​Ben R., Custom Woodworker July 2019​


“I recently enjoyed a profound experience with the Himalayan Singing, or Healing, Bowls performed by Dennis Specht. The more often he does this for me, the deeper I seem to go. I am now hearing sounds I hadn't before, and resonances that go on forever and change, continuing seemingly without end. It is a state of very deep relaxation. In that state, I briefly experienced a disconnect from my body, not sleep exactly, but I disappeared for a while and went somewhere else where there was no stress or the need to concentrate. .

A healing bowl was also used for on my intense and chronic shoulder pain, which reduced the pain by 90% at the time.”

Jeanie S., Designer July, 2019

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