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Traditional massage treatments generally offer 60 minutes sessions. In my fifteen years as a Licensed Therapist, I have found that 90 minutes sessions allow the body to experience the deepest relaxation resulting in the most beneficial therapeutic results.

My approach is much like that of a physical therapist where we focus on the postural issues which are the most common cause of aches and pain. For your first appointment please add an additional 30 minutes (at no addition fee) which will allow time to review your health history to better understand and address your current physical condition.

Massage fees are based on $100 for a 90 minute session. First time patients will receive $10 off with no cost for the initial evaluation. Other discounts are available through packaged massage treatments (see below).

I provide a free 15 minute phone consultation to all new patients, simply call to schedule.

I currently accept Personal Injury/Auto Accident claims and some Health Insurance.  For insurance reimbursement, I bill $31.25 per 15-minute increment (Unit).  I do offer a significant discount for payments made at the time of service. This rate differential is in compliance with State of Oregon regulations and statutes.




 Discount on Packaged Massage Treatments (Ninety Minute Massages)

• Package of 3 - Ninety Minute Massages = $282 ($18 savings @ 6% Disc.)

• Package of 5 - Ninety Minute Massages = $460 ($40 savings @ 8% Disc.)

• Package of 10 - Ninety Minute Massages = $900 ($100 savings @ 10% Disc.)


For Dental Referrals ( Sixty Minute Massages)

• Package of 3 - Sixty Minute Massages = $195 ($15 savings @ 6% Disc.)

• Package of 5 - Sixty Minute Massages = $322 ($28 savings @ 8% Disc.)

• Package of 10 - Sixty Minute Massages = $630 ($70 savings @ 10% Disc.)


Office Hours: Tues - Sat  10-6 by appointment 541-282-3456

Fax Number: (866) 308-0116

Emergencies and after hours available as needed.

Discount packages have no expiration and may be transferred. Which means you can set up a program for yourself, share with a spouse, or use as a special gift for someone else.

#1 Click on and print this certificate.
#2 Then call my office to receive an authorization code.

* $20 OFF For Seniors, Students and First Appointments!
* Easy For You To Organize
* Replenishing For The Recipient
* Available For Multiple or Single Sessions

Gift Cert Page

For easy Do It Yourself Gift Certificates:

Give the Gift of Personal Time to Yourself, Friend or Loved One!

With today's ever increasing pace of life, don't we all deserve a little "Me" time?

These Gift Certificates are highly valued by the recipient...they allow time which might not normally be considered for personal relaxation and stress relief.

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