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"...felt physically like I was 30 years younger"

“When I first heard about Dennis I had been experiencing great pain in my neck, back and shoulders that I had dealt with for years. I had different therapies over the years that would bring relief, but at this time nothing seemed to be giving me relief.

At my first visit with Dennis he asked about my history and listened intensely for clues that could lead to the cause of my pain.

Through many injuries and a car accident 40 years prior, he began treatment. Much of the pain due to what he discovered was my neck feeling like concrete.

At the end of that appointment I left with no pain and literally felt physically like I was 30 years younger. After 2 more appointments Dennis released me to continue with monthly appointments to keep me ‘fine-tuned’

Thanks to Dennis and A Balanced Body I am able to maintain mobility and be pain free through monthly tune-ups and strengthening exercises.

I highly recommend Dennis to anyone suffering from pain or just feeling out of synch. Or if you are one that just enjoys experiencing a relaxed state for the mind and body, A Balanced Body is for you.

As much as I appreciate the benefit I receive from Dennis work, it also does my heart good knowing I am supporting someone who does so much good for others through his community services through volunteer work and financial support to others. Those works can be viewed on the community service Link.

Jeanette Z., Pharmacy Tech

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