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Dennis changed my world

July 3, 2017

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Accident Injury Specialist

Post -  1st Basic Pranic Healing Treatment for Upper Respiratory Infection Report:   

“I came to Dennis with a sinus infection and serious head cold and cough that had kept me in bed for a couple of days. After receiving only one Pranic Healing treatment I was able to go downhill skiing all day the following day. I was relieved of the disorienting sinus pressure that had been with me for about one and a half weeks previously and my breathing was very close to normal while skiing.” 


L.L. Graphic Designer, Jacksonville, OR 


Pre-Distant Advanced Pranic Healing Treatment for PNEUMONIA Status Report: 

My Sister Laurel was rushed to our ER today and is in ICU Isolation with Pneumonia or suspected possible Coronavirus infection. 

Her current status is:  Her breathing requires ventilator assistance, multiple antibiotics, an anti-fungal, 

IV fluids with electrolyte replacement and some epinephrine.   

 Her vitals are as follows: 

BP 111/64 

O2 Saturation 94% 

Heart Rate 80 

 This was at 11:30 this morning.” 


Post -  1st Distant Advanced Pranic Healing Treatment for PNEUMONIA Report: 

“I received the 2nd Covid 19 test result today which came back negative and my sister was moved from a Covid 19 ICU isolation room to a regular ICU bedroom.  Today, they had to medically induce a coma to be able to deliver the very invasive Bronthoscope treatment to clear the debris in her lungs. She remains critical as she is requiring far above minimal delivery of oxygen to her lungs.  Some changes today in her metabolic status: (glucose) level, electrolyte and fluid balance, kidney function and liver function began showing ‘mild improvement’.  They have taken a fungus viral panel to rule out a fungal type of pneumonia.  

Last night her vitals remained stable with external supports.”  


Post -  2nd Distant Advanced Pranic Healing Treatment for PNEUMONIA Report: 

“Good morning Dennis,  


I spoke with the Dr. this morning while he was in ICU.  They are beginning to reduce the meds used for yesterday’s medically induced coma and conclude that part of the treatments.  


The report today is considerably BETTER than yesterday: 

The level of O2 they are giving her on the ventilator went from 80% - 50%! (‘normally we breathe on our own at 21%’) 

Her chest x-ray came back much Clearer today than yesterday. 

The sputum samples they took via the Bioscopy procedure yesterday are being analyzed and staph is suspect but they are continuing to treat her with 3 different antibiotics. 

Her kidney functions were low and now today they are Perfectly Normal!!”  



Post -  3rd Distant Advanced Pranic Healing Treatment for PNEUMONIA Report: 

“I just spoke to the ICU nurse and the bacteria that they discovered was Legionella associated with Legionnaires disease.  Now that they have a specific bacteria to treat they have just now been able to discontinue two of three antibiotics they were treating her with and are just administering only the antibiotic specific to her diagnosis.  

Her Vitals continue to stabilize.   

Her Physicians and support staff say they are increasingly optimistic seeing such rapid progress. 

Thank you for delivering the 3 Distant PH Tx.  


“As of this morning, Monday 3/30/20, at 10:00 I spoke to the Dr. and in order to get my sister Laurel off of the ventilator and to reduce the discomfort of the tube, she had been scheduled for a Tracheostomy for 12:30 tomorrow. The idea was, that by inserting a tube into her windpipe she would then be able to breathe easier and become more conscious, therefore being able to participate in her recovery more.


Then, at about 6:30 PM, when I called the hospital, they told me ‘my sister had pulled out the ventilator tube herself and then asked for a glass of water’. She has been able to breathe with just the assistance of the nasal canulla for 5 hours now and her O2 saturation is at 97%!! If she is able to keep this up, she is now essentially breathing with little assistance and may not need the tube insertion procedure in the morning.


We are talking WOW!, a 180 degree turn. Hospital Staff joked that ‘She was So Done with that tube!!’ and they are ‘using the term Miracle to describe her rapid recovery!’ They will be moving her out of ICU today.

Thanks for All of the help you have given my sister through your Pranic Healing treatments.”

Gratefully,  Christine.W. (patient's Sister) Paso Robles, CA”





Post - 1st Distant Pranic Psychotherapy Tx’s for ‘STRESS’ and ‘GRIEF’  


“Following the first pranic psychotherapy Tx for ‘STRESS’ and ‘GRIEF’ related to the passing away of a loved one last week, I felt the burden of emotional stress, heartache and  my level of grieving had lifted by almost 75% - 80%.   The feeling of the deeply congested heavy energy in solar plexus has begun to decrease.  I also felt waves of calm begin to take the place of my previous stress level.  The quality of the calming effects was very similar to that which I experience after doing my regular, daily  meditations.   

 The night of the first PH Tx I was able to resume nearly normal sleep.”  



Post – 2nd Distant Pranic Psychotherapy Tx for ‘GRIEF’  


“I experience much less heartache following each pranic psychotherapy Tx for ‘Grief’.  

The feeling of deeply congested heavy energy in solar plexus has continued to lighten. My ability to even give thoughts to something as simple and ‘normal’ as eating to stay strong has begun to return.  

I feel like both my emotional balance and attitude have improved by at least 80% following the two pranic psychotherapy Tx for Grief.”  



Post – 3rd Distant Pranic Psychotherapy Tx for ‘GRIEF’  


“I haven’t felt anything I would exactly describe as Grief after the First Tx. 

The grief pain in the solar plexus that was a strong presence during the previous week when I had to make the serious decisions organizing cremation, etc. has not reoccurred and I feel like I am returning to my normal balance and positive attitude.  I look forward to another pranic healing Tx and continuing the big progress that I am experiencing.” 

Rose S.   Medical Technologist, Grand Junction, CO 



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