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With the advent of the Corona Virus, the ability to help clients

without them having to step into an office environment has proven to be a perfect answer when practicing Social Distancing.

Learn More about Distant Healing (Pranic Healing) below!


Distant Healing (DHI) may be defined as a method of compassionate Health Care delivery to support  and accelerate the recovery rate of a distant patient.


DHI techniques are known by many names, including intercessory prayer, spiritual healing, aura healing, energy healing, energy psychology, shamanic healing, nonlocal healing, therapeutic touch (TT), quantum-touch, qigong, reconnective healing, Johrei, and Reiki. Each of these methods carries its own idiosyncratic theoretical and cultural forms, and some DHI methods include both distant and proximal (but without direct contact) variations. A common feature shared among DHI techniques is the assumption that distance between the healer and healee is not a limiting factor. This “nonlocal” aspect of DHI defies classical physical assumptions and accounts for its controversial status even among alternative biofield therapies.


As of 2000, there were more distant healers in the United Kingdom, some 14,000, than therapists practicing any other form of complementary or alternative medicine (CAM).6 The same is true in the United States, where DHI is one of the most common healing practices outside of conventional medicine. For example, in a survey of American adults by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's National Center for Health Statistics, of the top 5 most popular CAM healing practices, 3 involved prayer. The most popular CAM practice was prayer for oneself, and the second most popular was prayer for another, another form of DHI.


Pranic Healing

Pranic Healing is a type of ‘Energy Medicine’ which can be delivered either ‘One on One’, in person or Distantly (Practitioner in a separate location and Patient in another location). Either way, the delivery of Pranic Healing is the same and works Equally Well.

Just like a ‘normal’ therapy session or professional appointment, we begin with an Initial Complimentary Phone Conversation to ask important questions and discuss relevant details before beginning treatment.


In Pranic Healing there are three levels of treatment:

- Level l or Basic PH (asthma, minor injuries, headaches. minor surgery pain, etc.)

- Level ll or Advanced PH (coronavirus treatment, bronchitis, pneumonia, etc.)

- Level lll or Pranic Psychotherapy (grief, depression, stress, anxiety, etc.)


The ‘Patient Reviews’ below are organized into:

Basic PH - (Briefer Patient comments on ‘simpler’ cases);

Advanced PH – (usually Longer, more Detailed comments or updates on results)

Pranic Psychotherapy – “ “ “ “ “



BASIC Pranic Healing:

Patient History and Results After First Treatment for “Stiff Neck”:

“My initial injury occurred during my Marine Unit physical training at Miramar Air Station, in 2013. I have been having tightness throughout the left side of my body due to a surgery that year where implants were installed to fuse a joint in my foot.

On November 30th, about 5 - 6 hours after the morning’s first pranic healing treatment, I experienced a loosening of the left side of my neck and left shoulder. Along with the loosening of the muscles, I experienced feelings of bliss and relaxation. As I slept, I could feel my body re-aligning all the way down to my feet. Since the initial injury/surgery I have had tightness throughout the left side of my body due to the surgery where implants were installed to fuse a joint in my foot and last night was the first time I felt relief in my neck from the tightness the implants are causing. The next morning, I found that my range of motion (ROM) in my neck has increased to about 75% without stiffness compared to the usual 30-40%, and I felt much more centered in my body which is important to me as a high school wrestling coach and fitness professional.”

AFTER Second Treatment for “stiff neck”:

“This morning December 3rd, following yesterday’s pranic healing on December 2nd, I experienced a similar relaxation and loosening of my body, especially the left side of my neck and my left shoulder and chest around 10am. Later in the afternoon after wrestling practice, I felt an increase in my neck’s ROM to a full 100% in all planes of motion. This treatment has made my job as a coach much better because I can focus more on my athletes without feeling stiffness or pain in my neck. I am pleased to report that the major improvements in ROM (Now holding at approx. 95+%!) and the fact that I have no pain in my Left neck and Left shoulder are holding steady. Thanks again for your wonderful healing.


ADVANCED Pranic Healing:


C. V. W. PH Tx for ‘Hypertension’ Feedback


Patient states: “The week before first PH Tx B/P was 180/90 and at times up to 180/110 requiring a trip to Emergent Care.

Initially before Beginning PH Tx I was approximately Level 7 out of 10 Anxiety/Depression.

- After the 1st Tx that Level had changed to 4-5

After the First PH Tx B/P was 141/79 which helped increase my Focus and Concentration w/o the usual attending fatigue & stress.

Decrease in Chest Pain/tightness from 7-8 to 5-6.”


Date of 2nd PH Tx: 9/28/2018

Patient states: “Following the 2nd PH Tx my B/P was 135/76.

I have experienced ongoing lessening of Fogginess & Anxiety following each PH Tx.

I have been having more interest in Life and what were previously normal pursuits. I am now at Level 3 Anxiety/Depression.

Chest pain/tightness has decreased to 4.”


Date of 3rd PH Tx 10/1/2018

Patient states: “Following the 3rd PH Tx my B/P was 120/76

I felt like I have had an emotional re-set and alignment. I have more interest in Life and am feeling like I have an Increased level of awareness of the things that I can do on my own to maintain my new/current improved state. My sense of anxiety & depression is non-existent and chest pain has gone away.

After the 3 PH Tx , my Dr.’s tests indicated that I could eliminate 2 out of 3 B/P meds that I’d been on for 18 months..

And I have also recently lost 12 pounds of bodyweight due to my newly returned ability to be much more active and involved in regular and routine task. I’d like to give to Dennis’s attitude and method of delivery of the PH TX’s I have benefited from as an example of a skillful Healer/Mentor/Teacher.”

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